About Eden

About Eden

The short version: Eden Sparkle, MA, is a trans and queer clairaudient psychic. They like to think of themselves as the Mr. Rogers of Tarot! Like Mr. Rogers they strive to be: Kind, Accessible, Wise, Empowering, and invested in you being the best you.

Eden offers professional services in tarot, psychic mediumship and energy work. Read more about services HERE .

They are specially trained to

  • work with those navigating grief and trauma
  • provide insight on interpersonal connections of all types
  • create space to explore clients’ intuition and spirit guide connections
  • other goals as discussed

Eden’s business, PDX Queer Tarot, strives to provide a safe landing space for LGBTQ+, BIPOC, disabled people and other marginalized folx. Eden’s business is dedicated to making effective individualized healing easier to access.

Sessions with Eden:

  • Can be In Person OR Virtual
  • Are trauma informed 
  • Consent-based
  • Accurate and specific
  • Based on your needs and goals
  • Meets you where you’re at
  • Centers traditionally marginalized identities but welcomes all

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My Background, Training and Approach

(The Longer Version)

I am queer, trans, disabled and neurodivergent person who opened PDX Queer Tarot in 2021 to make wellness more accessible to marginalized folks and especially queer people. When my channel opened in 2014, I didn’t think it would ever turn into a profession. I earned a so-called “Master’s” degree  in Adult Learning from Portland State in 2010, and worked 15 years in human services. I have professional training in mental health crisis work, and I’m state certified Traditional Health Worker. I have been influenced by teachers that include indigenous two spirit shamanic healer Jai Medina, myofascial release PT and intuitive bodyworker Amanda Keegan, Arcturian light worker and Reiki Master Jett Koda, and an elder healer with over 50 years of experience, R.M.. I graduated from Corinna Rosella’s Tarot School for Liberation in 2020 and received a Reiki level 2 initiation and certificate from Jett Koda in 2021.

Providing spiritual, emotional and mental wellness services that are individualized, effective and actually accessible is the reason for my practice. I center women, LGBTQ+ people, disabled, Black, Indigenous, and/or neurodivergent folx. I also welcome everyone who wants to engage in change and growth.

My Vision

At heart, PDX Queer Tarot is about empowerment and liberation. It aims to subvert normative culture by empowering you to live your best life and promote healing and wellness. Our work together rejects capitalist norms, societal scripts, the inaccessibility, and ineffectiveness of white washed new-age wellness. 

 There is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing and there is no finish line. There is only a goal of developing an effective practice that meets your goals and needs. it looks different to everyone. This is work is most efficient and effective when you are dedicated and have a professional guide like me. together we can get you on your best path and connected to the abundance that is your birthright. 

I stand out from others in this line of work because I center those who are marginalized or have multiple intersecting identities, and I am full service unlike some psychics who throw you a couple of breadcrumb predictions and leave you to fit the pieces together. Other healers may be perpetuating the appropriation, white-washed, colonized values of ineffective healing tools. Others are often financially or physically inaccessible.They may not feel safe or familiar. 

My limitations

While I offer a sliding scale, I must charge money for my services- an inescapable constraint of our society.

Additionally, I am not Romani or Japanese, the two cultural groups who brought us Tarot as a vocation and Reiki energy healing respectively. I have referrals if you prefer to work with a BIPOC or Romani person. I am a white person with Polish heritage. I was raised in Oregon, one of the states with the most racist history. I’ll forever be unpacking colonialism, cultural appropriation, white supremist, and capitalist propaganda we are steeped in as a society.

many so-called psychics hold a disclaimer that their services are “for entertainment purposes only.” I find my services to have benefit well beyond entertainment. However, please use common sense, and seek medical, legal and financial advice from professionals. If you are having extreme emotional instability, psychosis or other concerns, I trust you will get support you need for your safety and well-being. I reserve the right to end a working relationship and refer to appropriate professionals as needed.